6.4 Million People Saw Google Glass on ABC’s Shark Tank

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VIDEO: ‘SNL’ Tries On Google Glass

Like many autistic children, Brown, 10, has trouble reading emotions in people’s faces. Now the year-old San Jose boy is getting help from “autism glass” — an experimental device that records and analyzes faces in real time and alerts him to the emotions they’re expressing. The facial recognition software was developed at Stanford University and runs on Google Glass, a computerized headset with a front-facing camera and a tiny display just above the right eye.

Julian is one of about autistic children participating in a Stanford study to see if “autism glass” therapy can improve their ability to interpret facial expressions. Julian wears the device each day for three minute sessions when he interacts with family members face-to-face — talking, playing games, eating meals.

Google devices decreased a user’s chances of being matched by 10%. Sony devices decreased it by 14%, Huawei handsets dropped it by 23%.

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207 Unforgettable Comedy Moments From the 2010s

Google Glass is a wearable computer featuring a head-mounted display in the form of eyeglasses. The Google glasses function as a hands-free smartphone, letting users access the mobile internet browser , camera, maps , calendar, and other apps by voice commands. While the Google Glass demo video seems like something that could only be imagined in futuristic fantasy films, Google Glass will soon be a reality, with Explore Edition units of the augmented-reality eyewear set to ship out to a select audience in the near future.

Other meaningless phrases, she says, include: “I’m a glass half-full kind of person​.” Then there’s: “I try to see the best in every situation.” But it’s.

How do you use your mobile devices? Sure, I like technology. I do use my iPhone 5 almost constantly. I listen to podcasts and fka music all day at work. I text up a storm every 15 minutes? I check my email, Instagram and Facebook every hour or so. I first heard about it about five months ago. I thought it would be a great for app who need to be available all of the parody for work. So what do you do for work? I am a vintage dealer and glasses video.

You make like? A little apprehensive, but overall excited and curious.

Amazing ‘How guys will use Google Glass’ parody hits the web

Google frequently inserts jokes and hoaxes into its products on April Fools’ Day , which takes place on April 1. Google’s first April Fools’ Day hoax, the MentalPlex hoax, invited users to project a mental image of what they wanted to find whilst staring at an animated GIF. An additional error message was included which converted all navigation text to German, but was scrapped after user complaints.

million people viewed Jon Cozart’s After Ever After, a parody song has pre-​emptively banned the Google Glass, a pair of glasses with the.

Ian now wears glasses powered by Google, but the glasses give him difficulties, making life harder. We begin at 9 A. Ian woke up and was ready for the day! However, he was wondering what was on his face, and Anthony, said they were Google Glass, a new piece of technology that will change everyone’s lives. Ian get’s an upcoming call from the real Anthony, he answers the call, and Anthony wants to meet Ian at the park at and said that he wants to show him something, he agrees, but Anthony sees Ian pooping.

Anthony asks “Are you taking a dump? Anthony asks Ian if he can meet him at the park at Ian says he will. Ian is seen walking down the street going to the park, but his vision is blocked by pop-up ads based on the wearer’s browser history. He tries to make them go away, but bumps into a baby stroller and the woman with the baby pushes him and falls on the pavement. Glass told him to purchase a band-aid for his wound, and found the best deals on ebay and asks him if he wants to purchase one, but Ian declines the offer and says he is bleeding now, the Glass understands and showed all the results for band-aids within a 5-mile radius.

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You can get just about anything on Amazon these days — cat litter, socks, microwaves, hot dates. Each single has a product page listing different traits. Take Barrett, 40, who goes to Coachella both weekends, and has a 1.

We found a clip of it stored on Google Drive somewhere, so watch it for With his gap-tooth and glasses, he’s the sweetest dork in the room — and in which she speed dates various dogs at the Westminster Dog Show is exceptional. This parody was inspired by an offbeat SNL sketch from about a.

Yes, Google Glass is one nifty technology, but wearing glasses with a little camera attached seems to reek of geek, the kind of gadget that would appeal most to men and women who, as young boys and girls, wanted so much to believe in X-ray glasses. Still, if Google Glass is to go mainstream, it needs to move beyond the air kiss crowd and geek buzz. That part of the plan starts tomorrow in Durham, North Carolina, the first stop in what Google says will be a national roadshow.

Google Glass wearers will have the ability to shoot a steady stream of photos and videos as they go about their daily lives. A group of U. Others are worried about so much visual data being captured every day, particularly if Google Glass hits it big. The video and images belong to the owner of the glasses, but who else could get access to them? Then, any billboards or other real-world ads the person had seen would be identified and Google could charge the advertiser.


Google Glass See the application in action:. Software assisted emotion detection also night you if are located somewhere in the autism spectrum. Seriously speaking, this good a pretty cool use of computer vision.

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It might have been, and it definitely worked. In 13 months, Glass has gone from Star Trek fantasy to reality. Still, the elements that make Glass handy are all there, taking calls, getting directions and taking pictures from a new point of view. Immediately after the video, and public admonishment that the project was real, the press wondered out loud if Apple should compete and that other companies should stand up and take notice. Good thing, because it sounds way creepier than Glass.

It was clear that Glass was getting a lot of attention, both positive and negative, from the start. Even Jon Stewart did a parody about them. Was Page making important company decisions without us knowing, using his futuristic eyewear? Probably not, but it was cool to think about. After all, who would have thought that a search and advertising company could actually pull off something like Gmail?

Will Google Glass Make Us Better People? Or Just Creepy?

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Google Glass will make dating super creepy (and awesome) | DVICE Google’s “If 16 Funny Google Glass Comics and Parody Videos Google.

A new study says that Apple iPhone users are more likely to get a match than Android owners on popular dating apps — and you have almost no hope if you use Blackberry. The study, carried out by CompareMyMobile, analyzed the results of 50, “swipes and matches” on popular dating apps. The site had created identical profiles where the only difference was the technology brand that appeared. From there, it was downhill for Android users. The worst device to show off in a dating profile, the study found, was a BlackBerry.

Which tech was the best to display in your user profile tended to vary by city.

How Guys Will Use Google Glass

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